Grow Together

150+ developers have learnt, shapped and shipped their Open Source projects under guidance of Knaxus!

Open Source is the future of Software Industry.

No, this is not a joke, you must have heard of Linux or Mozilla Firefox, Redis, MySQL, VLC Media Player?
These were also started as open source project and reached infinite heights opening doors to numbers of new innovations and opportunities.

Knaxus is an online developer community where it promotes an open-source culture of software development and develops a habit of working collaboratively.

Learn with K8

  • Learn

    In a group of developers, where you will develop a software engineering mindset, learn the industry best practices and, tools of trade.

  • Experiment

    Make and enhance your app, get personal mentorship from experts and work in a group collaboratively harnessing the power of open source.

  • Build

    You are ready to publish your open source app now. Share it to the world and expand it gradually

Earn with K5

Open source is not only about free code, it not only helps you learn but when you are learning, Knaxus make sure you are rewarded for your efforts.
Rais a set of Pull Requests at Knaxus and earn your rewards.

  • 100+ Pull Requests
  • 40+ Project Repositories
  • 400+ Stars
  • 50+ Contributors

Krew5 (K5) is restricted for students only (final/pre-final).

Start your journey Today!

Apart form K8 and K5, knaxus has a group of awesome developers from around the globe and lots of open source projects and opportunities that are FREE for everyone whether you are a working professional, a computer science student or an hobbyist developer.

You can opt to join the group or signup for announecements, updates and opportunities.